Department of Medical Statistics, University Goettingen

Dr. Mohammed Dakna

Research Assistent - Core Facility for Medical Biometry and Statistical Bioinformatics
Office room:
Humboldtallee 32, GF, 164

Research Interests
  1. Analysis of Mass spectrometry data generated in proteomics and metabolomics research
  2. Medical decision making using combinations of clinical data and new high dimensional molecular biomarkers signatures
  3. Statistical analysis of data with missing values
  4. Information theory

Brief CV:

[since   2016] Research assistant at the Core Facility for Medical and Statistical Bioinformatics,
[2006 - 2016]Head of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics, Mosaiques-Diagnostics GmbH,
[2004 - 2005] Physics and mathematics lecturer, Adult education
[1999 - 2004] Research assistant at the theoretical physics institut
[1995 - 1999] PhD studies and research assistant in quantum information processing
and quantum state engineering, Jena [Here are two papers that were
part of my PhD thesis and have been cited more than 100 times
in the journals of the APS (American Physical Society) Paper1 and Paper2 ]
[1992 - 1995]Diploma studies and research assistant in high energy physics,
[1986 - 1991] Liscens-es-science in physics and chemistry from
the university Abdelmalek Essadi, Tetouan (Morrocco) [Link]

Selected publications (Medicine/Bioinformatics/Biostatistics)

[1] Delatola, E. and Dakna, M. (2018). Statistical Inference in High-Dimensional Omics Data. Integration of Omics Approaches and Systems Biology for Clinical Applications (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.), 196--206.

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