Institut für Medizinische Statistik - UMG

David Ellenberger

Doktorand - AG Klinische Studien
Humboldtallee 32, Erdgeschoss 155

Nichtparametrische Statistik,
Statistik in der Medizin,
Hochdimensionale Testverfahren,
Observational Studies,
Changepoint Analysen
Kurzer Lebenslauf

[seit 01/2012] Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter,
Abteilung Medizinische Statistik,
Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
[12/2011] Abschluss zum Diplom Mathematiker,
Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
[2005 - 2011] Studium der Mathematik an der
Georg-August-Universität Göttingen und
der University of Warwick in Coventry
[1986] Geboren in Kassel


60. GMDS-Jahrestagung 2015, Krefeld: Exact methods for Changepoint detection for binary endpoints with applications to clinical registries.

59. GMDS-Jahrestagung 2014, Göttingen: Comparison of methods for adjustment of calendar time effects when analyzing register data.

60. Biometrisches Kolloquium 2014, Bremen: Use of simulation methods in the assessment of competing analysis strategies for disease registries accounting for calendar time effects.

Kolloquium "Statistische Methoden in der empirischen Forschung" WS 2012/2013, Berlin: Potential pitfalls and points to consider when analyzing high-dimensional repeated measurements.

58. Biometrisches Kolloquium 2012, Berlin: High- and Low- Dimensional Repeated Measures: Improved Approximations.


DAGStat 2016, Göttingen: Exact methods for change point detection in binary sequences.

ECTRIMS 2015, Barcelona: Validation of the German version of the Multiple Sclerosis Work Difficulties Questionnaire (MSWDQ).

34. Annual Conference of the International Society for Clinical Biostatistics (ISCB) 2013, München: Simulation methods for design and analysis of disease registries.


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