Department of Medical Statistics, University Goettingen

Statistical Bioinformatics

Group Head:
Prof. Tim Beißbarth

The Statistical Bioinformatics group of the Department of Medical Statistics is developing statistical applications and methods for biomedical research.

The focus of the group is the development of methods and tools to analyse biomedical data and to apply these in inderdisciplinary collaborations. Thus, the focus is mainly on the analysis of high dimensional data in translational research, for exampple gene expression data from Next-Generation-Sequencing or proteomics data. Methodology-wise the focus is on the statistical analysis of high-dimensional data, data integration, classification methods and the analysis and reconstruction of molecular networks.We are closely working together with clinical and biological researchers. The group is part of several interdisciplinary research consortia, especially in the field of Oncology, funded by third party funding (see research projects). The methods developed are implemented mostly in the statistical computing environment of R.